At HRPA’s Annual Conference and Trade Show there are always great sessions to attend. We’ve highlighted a few of them below. Be sure to check out our schedule for more amazing sessions.

2017 HRPA Conference Health, Wellness and Safe Workplace series


Our 2017 HRPA Conference Health, Wellness and Safe Workplace series offers information, and practical advice for creating work environments where everyone has an opportunity to thrive both mentally and physically. Take a look at 3 of our upcoming sessions in the series:

  • Mental health problems and illnesses are costing the economy billions. Find out how leaders are implementing evidence-based tools to create and maintain mentally safe and healthy workplaces and seeing incredible impact to their bottom line at “Improving Mental Health at Work: Promising Practices for Employers to Adopt” with Sarika Gundu and Nitika Rewari.
  • Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace: How and When to Ask for More Medical Information” with Ryan Campbell offers useful tips to assist employers in managing the accommodation process and examines the challenges employers face in gathering and evaluating medical documentation.
  • Tanya Morose and Rachel Mitchell take participants on a guided tour through a range of free and low-cost apps built to complement a health and safety or human resource professional’s toolbox. Discover apps that may be invaluable to your organization at “Health & Safety in your Pocket: There’s an App for That.”

How do you transform an average workplace into a Great Place to Work®?


Join presenter Jen Wetherow, Senior Director for the Great Place to Work® Institute Canada at the 2017 HRPA Conference GPTW sessions to find out! Check out a few of our GPTW sessions:

  • How do the best workplaces recognize and motivate their employees? Learn how to use recognition practices to help employees see the integral role they play in corporate success at “The Core Elements of a Meaningful Recognition Program” session.
  • Discover emerging performance management trends across different industries at “The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Performance Management.”What are employers doing to build a stronger brand among their workforce?
  • Get a unique insider’s view on how to gain recognition for your employer branding efforts at “Best Workplace Branding – Strengthening your EVP

Looking for some wisdom on motivating teams and developing a high-impact organization?


Check out 3 upcoming sessions in our 2017 conference Organizational Effectiveness series:

  • Hear about the latest research findings on the innovation deficit in the Canadian workplace and learn the steps to address the deficit in your organization at “Growing Intrapreneurship: Three Key Steps to Engaging Innovation in your Organization” with Shona Welsh.
  • Discover examples of high-impact business storytelling in action and find out how to structure and share a captivating story from award-winning keynote speaker and seasoned storyteller Corey Poirier in “The Business of Storytelling.” Explore the differences in results achieved by different leadership styles.
  • Learn from Keith Johnston’s experiences working with teams around the world as he shares stories of success and failure in team development in “Make Them Believe They are Ferraris.”

Professional Practice Series


Our Professional Practice series at the 2017 HRPA Annual Conference, February 1-3, 2017, offers inspired learning and practical strategies for dealing with a diverse spectrum of workplace issues. Here are three upcoming Professional Practice sessions you won’t want to miss:

  • In “Be a Career Champion: Training to Win on the Bad Days Too,” three-time Olympic gold medalist Marnie McBean shares insights on how to succeed in any environment.
  • Learn how to swap the anxiety of facing tough talks for a confident, results-oriented approach that will transform the way you handle conflict as an HR professional in Diane A. Ross’ session “3 Secrets to Managing Reactions in Difficult Conversations.”
  • Discover how blockchain — the open-access, secure global platform behind currencies like Bitcoin — will change the dynamic between consumers and companies over the next decade in Alex Tapscott’s session “Disruptive Technologies and Business Opportunity.”

Jump-start your conference day with our inspirational Early-Bird sessions.


Running from 7–8 am throughout the 2017 conference, our Early-Bird sessions offer stories, ideas, techniques and tips that will fire up your brain and stimulate your synapses. Check out a few of our upcoming Early-Bird sessions:

  • Quantifying human potential is a tricky business – can the digital world make it easier? Join Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic to explore recent innovations in the talent identification industry and what they mean for HR at “Talent Identification in the Digital World.”
  • As the Head Coach of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team, John Herdman took a group once called a “struggling squad” on to win a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and a gold medal at the 2011 Pan Am Games. Join John at “Rise” to learn how to craft and lead a high-performance culture.
  • Learn how to use public speaking to build your reputation as an expert in your field and find out the must-have elements in every powerful presentation at “Speak Up and Stand Out: How to Structure your Presentations, Master your Fears, Captivate your Audience, and Be Outstanding” with Suzannah Baum.

Don’t miss these three great Supersessions: 


  • Peak Performance in Unforgiving Climates, Changing Industries & Unstable Markets by Sébastien Sasseville.
    Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Sébastien has completed 6 Ironman triathlons, reached the summit of Mount Everest, and run a 7,200 kilometre journey across Canada. Hear Sébastien’s invaluable learnings about turning challenges into opportunities, growth, and empowerment.
  • Thriving in the Age of Distraction with Curtis Steinhorst
    Today, without any barriers to connection or communication, we are asked to process four times the information that people dealt with in 1986, but with less space and time to actually think. Discover how to work smarter and stronger in the constantly-connected age.
  • For Your Own Good: Persuasion for Fun and Profit with Julian Chapman
    How do you convince your colleagues that your idea, plan or process is the solution they want? Learn a robust and easy-to-use, eight-step persuasion and influence process first developed by the Dutch tech giant, Philips.